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Growth Chart

In this section of the application, we are providing facility to access growth chart of the Order Placed or Final Order with the help of filters like Today, Yesterday, Monthly or Yearly orders.

In this way, user can easily access the progress of the Orders Placed or Finalized, that helps to make the work strategy for the future development of the business to gain more profit and stability.

Agent/Admin Login

The web application is fully protected with the Login Feature; so the user, either an Admin or Agent only can access with the registered Login Details to do the Order Process and all.

The user can access and work on different segments of the software but with given permissions, so there is no leakage of Data or other Frauds possible from any end.

It also has unique optional feature Multi Security Layer for the security purpose; the agent can only access the application, from where it admin allows. For example, if admin allows the agent to Login only from office on particular day, then agent cannot access the application from home or somewhere else.

Data Security

The application is completely secured with different security measure like using SSL Certificate, End-to-End Encryption and other internal security methods which are the main component of any secured application.

The only purpose to apply all the security features in the application is to provide the stress and worry free environment, so the user can only focus on business growth rather than engage in other issues.

Stock Management

It is the practice of Ordering, Storing, Tracking, and Controlling Inventory. Well-organized stock management requires proper balance between the kind of stock and also keen observation on the demand of stock.

In this section, user or company can arrange their stock in a proper manner with the help of this function. On behalf of billing, user came to know about the available stock in the ware house, how much and where the stock consume and how much stock need to meet the requirement, so can order the stock before it last. Therefore, it is also the very important section of the application around which all the business activities perform.

Order Management

Order Management is the process of proficiently following, Tracking and finalizing Sales Order. The Order Management process can include: When Customer places an Order, to keep tracking of that order until it is delivered.

From placing order by customer to the delivery, the step by step process is as follows:

1. Awaiting Customer Call

2. Call to Customer regarding Product Description, Query and Finalizing

3. Verification Call to customer for final decision before order process

4. Awaiting Shipping of the order

5. Print the order and shipped for delivery

Document Generate and Printing

Manage all your printing requirements using various available features in the application. The complete invoice process is secure, cost effective and efficient.

By this easy process, your staff feels free to work on technical criticality. The application has the default facility to make Automated Invoice; in fact it also has customized feature to make Manual Invoice. By this automated invoicing process, audit response will be simplified.

The application has full functionality to print all types of Invoices (Automatic or Manual), Shipping Labels, Money Order, Post Office Slips and Manifest etc.

Technical support

Any kind of technical support related to application must be provide 10am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday.

For any technical query, you can use any of mention contact modes like Telephonic, E-mail etc.

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